Latest Developments in the Biggest Car Tuning Companies in the World

Car manufacturers go through a lot of obstacles to produce just one car and that is the modification part is not so simple all the time.

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The Vision

I created this blog for just one reason and it was too highlight the latest developments in the biggest car tuning companies in the world. You will be surprised about what kind of knowledge you will be able to gain from this blog.

The Idea

The idea for this blog came very early, soon after I became a car tuner I started to read more about the latest developments in the field. I was really blown away by the things that I learned and saw, therefore I thought that I owed something to the community.

The Future

As mentioned earlier, there is so much that you don’t know about car tuning and the latest developments and news related to it. I think that the future of this blog is to continue this mission and try to give this kind of information more exposure.




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AC Schnitzer Amazing Works On BMW Gives Me Goosebumps

There are very few companies out there which are highly valued and recognized for their contribution to the automotive industry, especially when it comes to car tuning and customization. The market is full of big affluent contenders which do not allow for easy competition at all and hence making headway in this industry takes ginormous levels of consistency and top-notch product quality.

Piper Motorsport Place Mercedes 19 E Body On Mercedes-AMG C63 Chassis

When you talk about the world’s finest race car specialists then you cannot forget about Piper Motorsport. It is a Mid-Atlantic company that is known to provide some of the best customer fabrications, race car safety equipment and more. The company has been able to secure a good reputation mainly with the help of high quality workmanship, products, and the greatest customer service.

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AMS Performance’s Dyno Systems Improves Vehicle Performance

Dyno System

When it comes to fine tuning, it is very important to have the right knowledge. It is important to use a careful approach because each engine is different and that is exactly what AMS does.


AMS is known for making already fast cars even faster with their dyno tuning. The credit really goes to parts that AMS uses to make the overall performance of the car better.

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